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"My philosophy is to listen to my clients and provide them with the highest quality Advanced BodyWork Techniques to address their specific body needs".

"Your health and wellness are my goals".


"Techno Neck" is

a condition created by our computer and cell phone use. It creates nagging neck, shoulder and upper back pain,

I restricts range of motion and is a factor in eyestrain, as well as frozen shoulder.

"Adrenal Burnout"

Dealing with fatigue

and stiffness from over exertion at work due to extended working hours or travel can create reoccurring headaches, pain around or near the jaw, neck, back and spine. "Older Unaddressed Injuries".  

These conditions tend to creep up on us gradually. Our recovery time from working out takes longer. Nagging injuries continue to cause discomfort, resulting in the inability to sleep due to the  bodies aches & pains, anxiety or "Mind Chatter".



• Incorporate daily stretches that address specific muscle groups. • Consider a series of 3 BodyWork sessions to reprogram habitual

body patterns.

• Utilize the Wellness Center strategies

for sleeping, health​y eating and exercise.

• Address your lifestyle choices which may cause fatigue & aggravate nagging neck and/or back pain.

• Identify "Triggers"

which may be the cause of Migraine headaches.

​• Introduce the benefits of Mediation and other stress reduction techniques.

​​This is what my clients say about me.

"Carl is a skilled Master of Bodywork, he is a certified cmt/abw, his work went far beyond a relaxing massage, 
it was transformational." 

"He guided me through an Ancient Hawaiian mediation
and educated me to the benefits of many advanced bodywork  techniques". 

"His work relieved my body's pain and tension,
plus the relief lasted longer than any other massage I have ever had."

Consider This:

Older or reoccurring sport and/ or work related injuries,

 as well as excessive intake of sugar, tobacco and alcohol, 

are contributing factors

to muscle inflammation and discomfort.

Conventional massage therapy is not designed to address

these sources of injury. 

 Many of these long term injuries are misdiagnosed by

western medicine and are treated with pain medication,

or injections which mask the pain,

 not the trauma stored in the muscle memory. 

Advanced techniques in therapeutic massage can

connect the point of injury to the point of origin

and allow the muscle tissue

to release around inflamed areas. 

Connective tissue massage is designed to open neurological

pathways in your body and stimulate the lymphatic system 

which can benefit you for years to come. 


Several good reasons to book an appointment:

You seek an effective, alternative approach to a 
physical injury which has not been addressed 
satisfactorily by conventional medicine.
To relieve the debilitating effects of TMJ,

and/or Migraine Headaches. 

To address arm, hand, shoulder, neck, back or knee injuries
 and to increase vitality while correcting patterns

that lead to repetitive injuries.

Avoid emotional and adrenal burnout, 

reduce stress and tension
while increasing your mediation skills, 

flexibility and range of motion. 

The ABT therapeutic massage 

can strengthen the immune, lymphatic,

and circulation systems.  

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Carl Arena creator of ABT 

"Tech-noNeck" & back pain are a regular occurrence in todays computerized  work place.