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"Many of us have wanted to write a book. These days there are  many subjects that are vital to communicate. There are probably as many ways to go about publishing your life"s story as there are excuses not to.  I'd like to change that for you. 

Several years ago  a  client came to me with their manuscript and asked : "What can  do with it?" I said  "With some work and effort I could make them into a series of books,  to be used as gifts, to sell on your website, at seminars, or offer to independent book stores." 

That launched my Book Publishing/Cover Design branch of services.

"I would like to do the same for you. "

Carl Arena

​Owner Arena & Associates

What we do?

We take your manuscript in whatever form it's in and help you evaluate it.

Often we oversee it's conversion into a digital document.

We take that document and begin the process of  editing .

Once the first draft has been approved, we begin chapter allocation and page design.

During this process we begin consulting with you to determine your vision as to how you want to market your book. This determines the preliminary direction for the Cover Design to be created.

These are just a few of the major services we provide.

The ultimate result is that you are delivered a finished product, within a budget you can afford.

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These are samples of books I assisted authors

in  publishing. 

Most hard or soft cover books can be converted to e-books.