Carl Arena & Marlene Caldes

have studied Metaphysics, Palmistry 

and Tarot for over 30 years.

They as individuals have read for over 20,000 people. 

Both are upbeat, positive, accurate and informative. 

An intuitive reading can often reveal areas of your life and behavior that can expand your horizons beyond your present perceptions. The facts are we only use 5% of our brains ability to think and evaluate our internal/external condition. What would it be like if life got easier?

What if we could use our minds ability to create the life we want and deserve?

​For centuries, long before modern physiology became a science, Kings, Queens, World Leaders and more recently Presidents and Prime Ministers have sought out Meta Physicians (often labeled Psychics) for their council.

Today you can access these skilled intuitive insights to reveal strategies and authentic actions you can take to improve your life. You can access the tools for success you may have been seeking all your life.

Why Choose Us? 

We are skilled Life Strategists with over 30 years of dedicated study of the Healing and Meta-Phyical Arts.

As Intuitive Readers we have read for dignitaries, celebrities and for some of the most powerful CEO's

in the Fortune 500. 

What's In it For You?

You will receive an accurate, skilled, practical and informative set of guidelines that you can use to initiate a life strategy that reflects your life's intention and is in alignment with your standard of integrity. 

Whats So Good About That?

No human is an island unto themselves. Individuals often benefit from additional support. In order to be successful in life we as social beings need to communicate our vision.  Effective strategies are vital to obtaining goals. Reach out to us for a Intuitive Forecast reading, take your first step along the path to success. You are taking authentic action to commit to your ultimate happiness and the well being of your loved ones.

Palmistry & Tarot  Intuitive Readings

Insights for Developing Life Strategies

Guidance From Within

Access to Your Higher Self 

Private Readings - Parties & Events - Celebrations  Ceremonies - Graduations - Special Gatherings

Private Session Rates 
Begin at $125 per hour

Parties & Events Begin at 
$150 hr. with a two hour minimum.

Gift Certificates Available 
Call or Email:
415-823-7440 for Carl Arena
415-381-0287 for Marlene Caldes

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