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There is a definite connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind.  A balanced nutritional and exercise program combined with stress release techniques allow the body to heal faster bringing long lasting relief and building a strong foundation for success. 

The Masters ABT Massage 

The Advanced Bodywork Technique incorporates a Massage session which offers you the best of integrated deep tissue, connective trigger point, cranial sacral, tui-na acupressure

and the application of other effective and known massage modalities. 
This whole body approach address both the source and the immediate cause,  as well as the origins of pain and patterns that continue the cycle of discomfort in your body. 

My goal is  "to see you well"  and to bring long lasting relief to your body. 

I am happy to explain the "how and why" of what I see to be the most effective way to address your body needs.

My narrative is designed to help you become acquainted with the patterns in your daily life which may have lead up to the injury.  

The expert use of guided mediations and visualization are accompanied by soft music, inviting you to release your stress and  tension through out the body, mind and spirit.

Your session concludes with a hot towel ritual, joined together with healing cranial scalp massage.  

We create the perfect re-entry back into the physical world, leaving you grounded, rejuvenated and relaxed, ready to enjoy your life. 

I am happy many of my clients refer their friends and family to me because they know having a bodywork session with me is the best and most effective massage they have ever had.

Energy Balancing the neck and shoulder areas reduces tension.

Lymph drainage and muscle tension release are often connected.

Cranial Scalp  Massage helps quiet the internal dialogue.  

These drawings of TMJaw issues and the typical areas of  knee  injuries show how complex these areas are


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The visualization of a quiet, peaceful place can lower blood pressure